Monday, 7 June 2010

Naaldzang June 1st, 2010 (English Version)

Naaldzang June 1st, 2010

Here we are, heading into summer, and not letting the (somewhat) warmer weather stop us from knitting or crocheting away!

We descended upon Hema, numbering nine in total: Nathom, Jan, Poezemadam, Myself, R, M, G, G's friend (I will get her name next time or I will eat my yarn), and Arianwen from Britian—it was great to see you again, by the way! :D

Not long after I arrived, Jan showed us a sample of Estonian lace that he'd made that was quite gorgeous:

Naaldzang June 1st, 2010

Very lovely, Jan! As for me, my Baktus has become my knitting meeting project; I've busied myself with several other projects in the meantime, like lace bookmarks and a scarf or two. Nathom had with her Citron, which she is making in a beautiful dark blue, and I just love how it's turning out! Poezemadam's project was a bright red pinwheel baby blanket:

Naaldzang June 1st, 2010

Her newest grandbaby will be the happy recipient of this red coziness! I love that pattern and have made it myself in yellow. I'm thinking of making it again, as one of my sisters is pregnant with her first. :)

Arianwen brought along a very pretty cardigan that she was working on (see first photo), and for the rest of our group it was a mix of cardigans and socks all around! Speaking of sock knitting, Jan, when he wasn't working on another pink cap for Zet Op Tegen Kanker, was able to give G's friend some helpful tips, for which she was quite grateful and pleased. :)

Please do come join us in July! Hopefully RedSamur will be with us again!!! :D As always, you can check out the newest photos at the Naaldzang photo set, starting here, and on Nathom's photostream, starting here. My camera died or I'd have had more pics this time around; Arianwen kindly lent me her camera, and once she's sent me the photos I'll post an extra link when I have them uploaded. Happy knitting!

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