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Naaldzang May 4th, 2010: English version

Naaldzang May 4th, 2010

Getting one's act together can seem daunting when one is so far behind on things, but here I am and here is the blog post! :) This past Tuesday saw us without some of our regulars, so first I'd like to give a shout-out to RedSamur, Nathom, and Poezemadam—hope to see you all in June! We missed you!

Those of us who were able to attend this month's meeting were myself, Jan, S (who has recently moved to Brugge, yay!), R, M, and G. I hadn't picked up my knitting very much since our last meeting (gasp) and so it was great fun to knit a bit with fellow crafters. :) My Baktus came along with me; it's nearly halfway finished and I'm pretty dang happy with how it's turning out!

R's project really caught my eye this time around, though:

Naaldzang May 4th, 2010

Something I've never seen before—she was using a pattern that called for crochet AND weaving, and the result was fantastic! (click here for close-up) R's beautiful scarf was to be a gift, and I can't imagine the recipient being anything other than pleased. :)

This was S's first time with us here in Brugge, and it's a joy to have a new member! She is lovely and quite interesting to talk to, and her project was a very adorable baby dress in a very soft yarn. Can't wait to see it finished, S!

M had at least two projects with her, a knitted jacket and a belt for another, and G was working on a pair of very warm and practical boot socks. Jan, who, by the way, during our meeting had a little girl and her mom stop by and request to have a picture taken with him(!), was busy with his 58th cap for Zet Op Tegen Kanker:

Naaldzang May 4th, 2010

He has thusly been dubbed Mr. Incredible by one of our members. ;)

If you want to come join us in June, please do! The more, the merrier! :D As always, you can check out the newest photos at the Naaldzang photo set, starting here. Happy knitting!

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