Friday, 9 April 2010

Naaldzang April 6th, 2010 (English version)

Naaldzang April 6th, 2010

April's Naaldzang happened to be on a gorgeous spring day--it was sunny and mild outside, with a nice breeze. There was more loveliness to be had inside as there were already several knitters at our usual cluster of tables, knitting away! I had brought my son along with me, as it's Easter break, and he settled himself with a comic book and a Fristi. In the meantime I greeted the regulars, welcomed back Dominique from Leuven, and got to meet Skralann from Ravelry!

I knew this particular new face looked somewhat familiar, and was rather embarrassed that I didn't recognize her by her Rav username. I am very bad at names, but hopefully better with faces. ;) Skralann is quite friendly and was knitting on a very cheerful green baby cardigan. She got to visit us because of the break and it was very lovely to meet her. :)

The other knitters present were myself, Jan, M, R, G and her friend (managed to miss her name again, oops), and Nathom. We missed RedSamur again this month, but hopefully she will be back with us again in May! She sends her greetings to you all, by the way, and regrets having to miss any meetings, especially two in a row. Poezemadam was also missing from April's meeting, and we hope she will also come knit with us again in May. I think we are becoming quite the group of "regulars" by now! :D

As for the project line-up from this meeting, Nathom brought along her City Stole, which looks very involved and will end up with an amazing result:

Naaldzang April 6th, 2010

M intrigued us with the jacket that she was knitting in a soft blue yarn, which she is reverse engineering from this one. I had my Baktus scarf, R was busy with a very nice purple jacket in a ribbon yarn (photo is of one of the sleeves), Dominique showed us her Skew socks in progress and green jacket in progress, whilst Jan, G, and her friend kept their needles occupied with colorful socks:

Naaldzang April 6th, 2010

Naaldzang April 6th, 2010

The afternoon was filled with happy chatter, even as knitters had to leave in shifts as their schedules called. It was great to see everyone, and we hope to welcome as many of you back next month as can make it! :) As always, the new Naaldzang photos can be found starting here at the Naaldzang Photo Set on Flickr.

Happy knitting, everyone!


Stevie Nixed said...

I was happy I saw Dominique, if only for about ten minutes. :-) Thanks AJ (en Barbara) for hosting Naaldzang. :-)

Redhead Samurai said...

Yea, I made it into parenthesis!

Redhead Samurai said...

I'll be in Austria the next couple of days, would someone please write the Dutch version / translate from the English, please?

Ameria said...

I was happy to see her, too! :D And sad to miss our regulars, RedSamur and Poezemadam. ;_;

I'll have the Dutch version up tomorrow, all systems being go. :)

Krisje said...

it was fun to be there! Your comments make me blush ;-) Hope to be able to visit again soon! The cardi is finished and was delivered to it's new owner yesterday. Sad to say baby Tibo (his name was inspired by my bf Thibault, who writes his own name that way because it's easier, lol) was not in the mood for clothes fitting :( you guys make a great, and open gang! you'll see mee popping (and knitting or crochetting) by next time I have a free day on Naaldzang-day! Love, Skralann (Krisje)