Friday, 5 February 2010

Naaldzang February 2010 (English version)

February's Naaldzang was on a cold but mostly wet Tuesday afternoon. I arrived a bit later than I'd planned (is this becoming a pattern?), and RedSamur was already there--with Nathom! Nathom is our mutual friend on Ravelry, and this was her first Naaldzang and it was great to see her! She had brought along her Clapotis in a colorful sock yarn, and RedSamur was busily knitting away on her aptly-named Winter Storm in Annell Eco-Wool:

Naaldzang February 2nd, 2010

My friend C was also there, and she'd brought along her friend D, a lovely lady who was making copious amounts of i-cord with a nifty gadget, as she had a pattern book full of neat things to make with i-cord yarn:

Naaldzang February 2nd, 2010

C herself was working on the other side of the pullover she is knitting for her daughter. At first I settled into knitting on the purple loop-through scarf I'm making for my mom before switching to the snowy scarf I'm making for myself. I was starting to wonder if I would be the only latecomer to our group (thanks in part to a nasty cold that has finally started to loosen its grip), but towards the end Poezemadam arrived! She'd been to another appointment and as a result hadn't brought any knitting with her, but we were delighted she could drop in anyway!

The afternoon wiled away with much happy chatter, joking and exchanging of pattern ideas! We all also spent some time perusing RedSamur's copy of Oddball Knitting and my 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders which, incidentally, is my early Valentine's present from my husband. ;)

RedSamur and Poezemadam were captured discussing increasing with pfb:

Naaldzang February 2nd, 2010
RedSamur is wearing her lovely Mr. Greenjeans sweater (re-named Mr. Brownstone, after a Guns 'n' Roses song)

One by one, people had to be on their way, with RedSamur and myself the last two knitters at the table. It was a lovely afternoon, and I hope that R and Jan can join us next month! Perhaps we will see Jan tomorrow, as we head to Eeklo's public library to see the exhibition of the "From Sheep to Wool" where there will be demonstrations of spinning, dying, and knitting!

Naaldzang February 2nd, 2010
Happy crafting! Find these photos and more at the Naaldzang photo set!

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