Thursday, 7 January 2010

Naaldzang January 2010 (English version)

The first Naaldzang of the new year! Unfortunately, R and Jan could not make it this time, due to illness and the weather, respectively. We missed you both! Hope to see you in February, and well wishes for you, R!

Naaldzang January 5th, 2010

Warm, cheerful knits by RedSamur

I arrived at Hema in a bit of a hurry, as I was running late from multiple little things all ganging up on me at once (pumping up my bicycle's tires being one of those). It did amuse me to see C arriving at pretty much the same time, though! ;) RedSamur was already there and waiting for us. (She later revealed that a young man had approached her before we arrived as she was busy knitting away on her Incognito neck warmer and asked her to make him a scarf while she was at it. Ha!)

Hugs and Happy-New-Year grettings abounded! C and I sat down and got settled after first grabbing something to drink. While we were in line, a lady came up to RedSamur and had a question about a pattern she wanted to do that required a circular needle. RedSamur gave her not only an explanantion but also a short demonstration. Perhaps this lady will join us for a meeting one day!

I was tickled that C had come--we recently discovered that she's actually a cousin of my husband! Was pretty neat to find that out, and further learning that she is also a knitter? Well that is just the icing on the cake. I had to invite her to Naaldzang and this month was the first month she was able to knit with us. :) She brought a pullover that she is knitting for one of her daughters, using yarn from a shop on Hoogstraat that I'm wanting to visit now!

Naaldzang January 5th, 2010

C knits away--watch those needles fly

I worked on my neck warmer for my mom, using my new Hiya Hiya circular needles (a Christmas gift from my parents-in-law) which are awesome, by the way. After a bit I wondered if Poezemadam was going to be able to make it, so I texted her. Not five minutes later, who do you think walked up to our table? Poezemadam!

She brought along a magazine filled with pretty stitch patterns, plus her Circular Shrug in progress, which she is knitting in a lovely white and brown combination:

Naaldzang January 5th, 2010

A lady, who we often see in the Hema, expressed interest in Poezemadam's finished Shroom hat. I took a photo of it, but it turned out very out of focus. Boo!

If you are someone else who sees us knitting and chatting away at Hema, you are more than welcome to join us! If you don't know how to knit, we will teach you. Crocheters are welcome as well! Until next time, stay warm and be careful of ice on the sidewalks. Best wishes to all for 2010!

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