Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Naaldzang October 2009 (English version)

Knitters present, and their respective projects:

Myself --wool neckwarmer
RedSamur -- two mitts on two circs
Poezemadam -- cardigan cast-on
Dominique -- wool sock
A -- knitted kitty

Fall knitting has begun! The weather outside yesterday was a bit wet and mucky, but inside Hema's cafeteria it was warm and bright and I found RedSamur already comfortably installed at our usual table. My husband and I joined her; husband had himself a sandwich and then opened up his laptop to do some computery stuff. More knitters arrived shortly thereafter and the meeting was fully under way!

RedSamur had brought along her very cool Smurf on Acid cap, which happened to match the pretty sweater she was wearing (also knit by herself). But that wasn't all--she also showed us a lovely colorful neckwarmer that she'd made from the leftover mitten yarn in her stash. Speaking of mitts, she was busy knitting a different pair--both of them at once with two circular needles:

Naaldzang October 6th, 2009

It's a very interesting pattern: Tridactyl from!

Poezemadam had finished her Float Stole at long last! We all praised the stole and remarked on the length of it. Poezemadam said she will not be making another one, though. ;) In addition to her Float Stole, she had with her a pretty little shawl that she'd machine-knit, that I quite liked. I wouldn't mind having a knitting machine one day, myself!

Two of our regulars, Jan and R, were not able to be with us this time. We send you two greetings and hope you can come next month! We did have the lovely Dominique join us though, and my friend A (who hasn't gotten to join us since March). It was so good to see them both! A was working on a knitted kitty; Dominique showed us a cozy sock she had made. And speaking of socks, here is the one she was currently working on (from a different pair, of course):

Naaldzang October 6th, 2009

So nice! I love that hand-painted yarn. It is truly drool-worthy!

After a slice of delicious apple pie (hadn't had lunch), I began knitting in earnest. My current project is a 2x2 ribbed neckwarmer. Just about all of the family will be getting neckwarmers for Christmas this year (lace ones for the ladies), with the exception of my mother-in-law, who doesn't wear scarves or neckwarmers. I'm going to try to knit her some kitchen towels instead. :)

I had thought that nobody would approach our table to say hello and ask about our knitting club, but at last one elderly lady came over and looked quite impressed with RedSamur's knitting two mitts at once! It is a pretty nifty technique :) Eventually my husband had to leave to pick up our son from school, and by the time he returned there was only myself and Poezemadam left saying goodbye to Dominique. Poezemadam and I knit for a while longer before calling it a day around 5-something.

See you all again next month! :D

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vA-La-Mode said...

Look at all of those beautiful fibers! I've been thinking about asking my friends to start a knitting club since we all sit around and knit together anyways. It looks like you all have tons of fun!