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Naaldzang July 07, 2009

Naaldzang July 07, 2009

I arrived at Hema for this month's Naaldzang meeting a wee bit late, and my mind was elsewhere as I hurried over to join the line at the food and drinks. Intent upon snagging a bottle of water, I didn't notice who was right in front of me until she turned around and offered me a friendly greeting. It was none other than Poezemadam! Her friend R and Jan were already at our usual table. :)

Poezemadam had with her a Float Stole in progress--which requires a 405 stitch cast-on! She was knitting it with some nice acrylic yarn she found at the kringwinkel (which explains why there was no yarn left when I was there--she cleaned them out!), and it was turning out nicely! This motivates me to check out the kringwinkel more often. ;)

Jan was busy writing out some complicated-looking chart for the lovely lace pullover he was working on. I find charts amazing and they look difficult to follow, but I'm assured that once you learn to read them they're not too hard! Looks hard to me, though:

Naaldzang July 07, 2009

R brought along a soft grey winter scarf in progress to show us, and also the pretty white pullover she's been working on. Between her, Jan, and Poezemadam their side of the table was made up entirely of white summery projects! :) R was also wearing a pale blue-green pullover that she'd finished earlier, and it looked great on her.

Dominique and RedSamur arrived at around the same time I think, and how good it was to see them, too! Dominique's project was an openwork summer pullover in a beautiful shade of purple, and RedSamur worked on a soft grey cotton hat for charity (which may or may not have ended up in the frog pond, to be started over because it was coming out a bit big).

Much friendly discussion and showing of projects was had (including RedSamur's pretty socks), complete with some random folks who were passing by stopping to chat and ask what we were working on. I think seeing us knitting brings back happy memories for some people, and it's always nice when they stop and say hello. :) As another person approached our table, I glanced up to see that it was Klarinas who had arrived!

I hadn't seen her in a while and it was great that she was able to join us this month. Klarinas was wearing a beautiful purple-and-rainbow colored pullover that she'd both knitted and crocheted, and she'd brought along a baby sweater in progress that was being knit from the very same yarn:

Naaldzang July 07, 2009

My project was the seemingly-never-ending diagonal baby blanket. I got quite a bit done on it on Tuesday, but it was still not done at the end of the meeting. The good news is I have finally finished it! It was presented to the new parents last night and was a big success! :D

There are more photos this time than usual, and feel free to peruse them at the Naaldzang Photo Set!

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