Sunday, 7 June 2009

Naaldzang June 2009 (English version)

This month's Naaldzang was preceded by a small, even more informal knitting get-together at our usual place in the Hema. Myself, RedSamur, Poezemadam, R, and Jan were very pleased to meet and knit with Arianwen from Ravelry--a sweet gal from Great Britian who happened to be in Brugge visiting family! It's always a pleasure to meet Ravelers in person, and Arianwen was no exception. We had a grand time chatting and knitting! See a picture of us on her blog! :)

Naaldzang June 2009

On Tuesday we had our regular meeting, for which myself, RedSamur, Jan, R, and my son were present! We thought that Poezemadam may not make it, but happily she was able to be there at last. My son was there so that my husband could study a bit for his exams, and I must say that he was very well behaved, busying himself with his Jommeke books and drawing pad for most of the meeting and only started getting a bit restless towards the end of things. If only he'd let me teach him how to knit... ;)

Speaking of knitting, this time around I brought along one of my lace bookmarks. I knit these with cotton thread on thin 2mm bamboo or wooden needles, which my husband says are more like brochette sticks! ;) Jan was working on a lovely lace pullover, which he put aside after a while to work again on some Harry Potter socks (less chance for mistakes caused by getting distracted). Unfortunately I made a couple of mistakes and had to borrow one of Jan's crochet hooks to fix one of them. I normally don't bring lacey things to work on, but this time I was feeling a bit brave!

Naaldzang June 2009

R was busy with her pretty pullover from last month, before also putting it aside for a bit to take a mini-refresher course (from RedSamur and Jan) in crochet. I can't say I blame her--RedSamur's lovely crocheted backpack was quite fetching and cleverly put together! I don't remember what Poezemadam was working on exactly, but I think it was also crochet. I find crochet lovely but I just can't seem to make it "compute" in my brain well enough to get the hang of it, even after RedSamur patiently gave her time to try to get me started on it. Maybe someday!

Everyone who is getting together for World Wide Knit in Public Day, enjoy yourselves and have a great time! I really did enjoy participating last year at Stoffenidee in Gent, and if you would like to participate, below is the link you need to find a local WWKIP Day gathering near you:

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