Friday, 8 May 2009

Naaldzang May 2009 (English version)

Knitters present:

Jan (Harry Potter socks)
Myself (diagonal baby blanket)
RedSamur (feather-and-fan scarf)
R (white summer pullover)
Poezemadam (cotton pullover--I think)

Naaldzang May 2009

I arrived around 15 minutes past two, and got myself a Diet Coke to drink. I found Jan sitting by himself at the tables we normally occupy, and joined him. He was busy knitting a sock with self-patterning sock yarn, and I brought along my Sea & Sand baby blanket (the yarn for which, incidentally, also self-patterns). Not long after, RedSamur joined us and began work on her lovely Rowan Tapestry feather-and-fan scarf. R was next to arrive, followed shortly by Poezemadam. R's project was a pretty pullover in white cotton yarn, and she was wearing a very nice red sweater she'd recently finished. Poezemadam had just begun work on her own cotton pullover. :)

R, after purchasing some reading glasses downstairs as she'd forgotten to bring her own, made the observation that the decorative stitch on her pullover-in-progress looked prettier on the "wrong" side, and I had to agree! I actually thought, when I first looked at her project, that the wrong side was the "right" side anyway. I think that will be a deviation from the pattern that will have lovely results. A reminder to not be afraid to put your own perferences on a project and work outside the lines, so to speak.

Naaldzang May 2009

The "wrong" side can be the "right" side!

Among the topics of discussion were the upcoming Worldwide Knit In Public Day, pattern tweaking, self-patterning yarns, and trying socks on one's arms to get the feel of the yarn (I'm planning armwarmers knit in sock yarn). Several folks stopped by to see what we were up to and to have a short chat. A good time was had by all, and if you could not join us this time, we welcome you to come craft with us next month!

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