Thursday, 9 April 2009

Naaldzang, April 7th, 2009 (English version)

Knitters present:

Yarnlot's aunt, J

Naaldzang 04-07-09

A big group for us at Naaldzang! It was lovely to see everyone! :D I arrived somewhat late, as I had a bit of a slow start on Tuesday. It's Easter vacation, and I've been enjoying the extra time together with my husband and son. :) We all arrived in the city center together, and my boys went off on their own adventure whilst I headed upstairs to the Hema cafeteria to Naaldzang.

Yarnlot had brought with her a shawl in progress, made of a lovely dark green yarn with beads knitted into the work. She had wanted it to resemble dew drops, and it was exactly the effect that it had! I brought my diagonal baby blanket, which slowly grows larger. I haven't been working on it much since I was busy with two other projects, a . RedSamur was working on her soft green alpaca sweater, and she brought her adorable amigurumi animals to display! Jan knitted away on a dark blue lacey scarf (I think it was a scarf), whilst Poezemadam and R worked on brown pullovers. Yarnlot and J were making shawls, and Klarinas was knitting on a hexagonal bag, made with pretty sock yarn!

The bag of patterns and needles the kind elderly gentleman gave us last month came back with me this month, so Poezemadam, R, and anyone else who wanted could peruse what was left and choose something to keep. I still have leftovers, and will bring them back each time just in case we have new knitters who would like them. :) I believe we may have a new regular in Yarnlot's aunt, J! Our group is growing, slowly but surely. :D We did have a few folks approach us to say hello and talk about knitting, and I handed out three of our club cards. As always, we all had a great time of crafting and friendly conversation, and new photos can be found at the Naaldzang photo set!

Naaldzang 04-07-09


yarnlot said...

Mooie foto's zijn dit, ter herinnering aan een leuke bijeenkomst!

Redhead Samurai said...

Onze samenkomsten zijn eerst en vooral "a sum of all parts" :)