Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Naaldzang 03-03-09 (English version)

Knitters present, and their respective projects:

Myself -- diagonal baby blanket
Dominique -- bright blue socks
RedSamur -- dark green alpaca pullover
Jan -- soft blue sweater
A -- knitted kitty

Naaldzang 3-3-09

On Sunday, I took the train to Oostende and met RedSamur at the station, and together we walked to the second meeting of the newly-started Oostende knitting club. It was great fun to see all the new faces, and some of the familiar ones who have been to our own Naaldzang meetings. There were over 25 people there! Two were kiddos who wanted to learn to knit. It was great! :D I worked on this baby blanket and am pretty pleased with how it's knitting up. :) Thank you for "picking me up" from the station, RedSamur!

Yesterday was a session our very own Naaldzang! I was extra pleased that a friend of mine, A, got to attend! I was mentioning that she'd texted me the night before that she wanted to come, and no sooner were the words out of my mouth when there she stood right behind me. :D Something else neat happened, too. The elderly gentleman who approached our table last month and asked if we might be interested in the knitting needles and pattern books from his wife brought them to our meeting and gave them to us yesterday. We were all impressed with Mr. V's generous and thoughtful gift!

Everyone got to choose what they wanted to have, and I picked out a few pairs of straights for myself. When I look at them I am touched that this lovely gentleman wanted to pass on his dear wife's knitting things to others who will make good use of them. I have the remaining needles and pattern books (along with a needlepoint contraption) and will bring them to our next Naaldzang meeting to see if anyone else would like to have them. Poezemadam and her friend R didn't get to come this month, so I hope we will see them next month. We missed you two! :)

vintage knitting needles

More photos from this month's session can be found at the Naaldzang Photoset!

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