Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Naaldzang meeting: English version

Another first-Tuesday-of-the-month, another meeting of Naaldzang! :D

Jamaica Pouch: getting there

Knitters present: Myself, RedSamur, Dominique, and another new face: Jan, who found us through the internet! RedSamur's friend Frotsie was there too, working on an adorable crocheted kitty pattern. :) Unfortunately, Poezemadam couldn't make it this time. :( We missed you, Grace, and we are sending hugs and well wishes your way!

Whilst my son drew amazingly detailed pictures of knitting (among other things), Frotsie crocheted away on the kitty pattern, and Jan knitted a warm wool sock on extra-long DPNs. All of the guys enjoyed some computer/tech talk, as that's my husband's specialty (we haven't yet gotten him on the crafting side, but we're working on it). ;)

There was plenty of crafting done as well as the socializing. I busied myself with the Jamaica Pouch I've been working on (see above photo). It will be a birthday present for a dear friend of mine, and all was going well until I dropped a yarnover. RedSamur helped me get it sorted out, for which I am grateful! Makes ya sweat a bit when you drop stitches in a pattern you're doing for the first time. ;P

Speaking of RedSamur, she made a very clever crocheted wizard:

little crocheted wizard

So cute!! The pattern for it will eventually be available as a Ravelry download. I have to congratulate her on writing her first pattern! Well done! :)

As we knitted and crocheted, some lovely older ladies stopped by to see what we were doing. I believe they were from Great Britain, and they were also crafters--makers of bobbin lace, no less! I really admire people who can make pretty lace, whether it's knitted or otherwise.

For more new photos of our knitting meeting, head on over to my Naaldzang Flickr set, located here! I'm kicking myself for not getting photos of the beautiful socks that Dominique was making... :P She was using a pretty blue-green wool that brought images of the sea to mind.

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