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Naaldzang, August 4th 2009

Naaldzang August 4th, 2009

Everyone arrived before me this time, as I had a slow start last Tuesday and only got to the Hema at fifteen past two. It turned out that my arrival completed the group for this month's session, and we were just the four of us: Jan, RedSamur, Dominique, and myself. I texted Poezemadam but she was not able to make it, nor was her friend R able to join us. We missed you guys! Hope you can come next month--especially because I'm bringing yarn to give away! :D

Jan was busy with a complicated yet pretty sock that he was knitting for his wife, but soon switched to knitting on a white cotton chemo cap, as the sock was proving too difficult for relaxing public knitting. RedSamur worked on a summer pullover whilst I cast on a neckwarmer for my sister-in-law, part of the series of neckwarmers I'm knitting as Christmas gifts. Dominique was knitting a Ziggy sock, and showed us its already-finished mate. Very pretty! She also had brought with her a book of Austrian stitches that she'd aquired while in Austria recently on vacation, and we took turns poring over the pages of lovely stitch patterns.

Other items of interest were the gorgeous skein of Wollmeise that Dominique bought in Austria, plus the matching tops that RedSamur and Dominique were wearing--both from a pattern that has gotten some milage around the Belgian Ravelers group. I think so far four or five of these have been knitted? :) RedSamur modified hers slightly to include extra eyelets in the center which turned out quite nicely!

Naaldzang August 4th, 2009

As we knitted and chatted away (I managed to finish my orange neckwarmer by meeting's end!) two ladies from Holland stopped by to say hello and inquire about our knitting club. They were surprised that we come together in a cafeteria and expressed regret that knitting, to them, appears to be on the decline in Holland and Belgium. RedSamur spoke up about hearing from a fellow knitter in Oostende that there are in fact fantastic knitting vacations being organized in Holland, which I'm sure our guests were happy to hear! :)

Knitting is making a comeback--be part of the comeback by taking part in the knitting activities where you are, or organize your own! :D

Naaldzang August 4th, 2009

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