Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Naaldzang 02-03-09 (English version)

Knitters present, and their respective projects:

Myself -- grey neckwarmer
R -- lacy pink pullover
RedSamur -- purple wool jacket (wool from Dille & Kamille)
M (non-knitter)
Jan -- lacy purple Vogue Knitting project
Poezemadam -- brightly-colored pullover

Naaldzang 02-03-09

I arrived bearing RedSamur's copy of Franklin Habit's "It Itches - A stash of knitting cartoons." She had loaned it to me and I was returning it to her. Great book! :) Jan brought some knitting magazines, Knitting and Let's Knit (which I can't seem to find anywhere these days). RedSamur had also brought her knitting mags but I'd gotten an early preview when she let me borrow the Franklin book. ;)

Our meeting was proceeding as per usual, lots of fun and chatter and talk of YARN(!), when an elderly gentleman approached our table and asked if we had a knitting club. He wondered if we might be interested in the knitting needles and books from his wife, as neither his daughters nor his daughters-in-law show an interest in knitting. He is going to bring them to our next meeting. What a kind offer! :)

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Keep those needles blazing, knitters!

Naaldzang 02-03-09

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Dominique said...

great offer indeed! Looks like you had a fun meeting.
I hope I will be able to attend, maybe next month?