Sunday, 12 October 2008

Naaldzang 7th October, English version

black neckwarmer: beginnings

Crafters present: Myself, RedSamur, Poezemadam, and Jan
Noncrafter present: My husband

I was a bit late to this month's session, but better late than never. ;) It was good to see Jan and RedSamur again, and later on Poezemadam showed up! :D Everyone exchanged greetings, and we got out/continued working on our respective projects (after first admiring a gorgeous sweater Jan had finished + some lovely lace he was working on).

RedSamur stitched away on a pair of cozy mittens, Jan's project was another cabled sweater (identical to the finished one, if memory serves), Poezemadam busied herself knitting a summer sweater (very nice green-and-white combo!), and I began a neckwarmer/cowl in black Saskia yarn, using the spiral rib pattern from the Jamaica Pouch pattern. :)

Alas, RedSamur couldn't stay long, but it was good to see her, as always. <3 As for me, I too didn't get to sit and knit as long as I would have liked, because my husband needed to be back at work by a certain time, and our son was out of school. I was also feeling under the weather with a cough that's had me kinda out of it lately. I bid Poezemadam and Jan "tot ziens" and we headed out early.

Until next month, y'all! :)


Redhead Samurai said...

Next month we have to be better hosts ;)

Barbara said...

Oh, and regarding Jan's work, the second merino/alpaca garment is for himself, has a slightly rougher cable motif and will be a body warmer / sleeveless cardigan.
If I remember correctly.